Softskill Bahasa Inggris 6

Letter For Different

I love you with my heart, although we different
I pity you although I cannot have you
But really of begin, I like you...
With you a day walking very slowly…
Really, in my deep heart I love you
Separated of you like dying for me
And word for separated be forbidden for me
I close of the five senses, close my eyes for you’re badly habit
Cause I unseeing by love
Nobody can make part between our
But, it’s forbidden for love
We different...
We know nobody can defeat what our believe,
But we want violate this, and say everything is ok
Actually, our relation not being good, although we success what we say love, we defend all idealist,
But we never can defend what we believe
And we lost...
Many more injury from this love
Really, it’s not love where I dream, everything change is crying and sadness
My heart crying, what its love? Love with sickness and sadness?
No, it’s not love...
Because that, me and him where I beloved gone the end
“Honey, I always love you, 
with my heart, with my body, with my mind, 
honey you my power, 
honey, power of love not lost of time, 
but honey
In my deep heart, with my tears I want say for you...
We, I and you... must end in here...
Don’t I not love you, don’t I have affair, really you is beloved and I never can make you lose in my heart or my mind,

Honey, I can always your heart and you always in my heart...

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