Softskill Bahasa Inggris 9

The Past

Sometimes we very love for the past, hard for forgotten, moreover the phase allied to our personality, to our live...

In the problem how about this past, what a happy or sadness?

Without the past we never exist, we like this never exist without the past
In this problem how the past being our, what being good or being badly?

Sometimes habit of human jailing the past for sensitive of heart to being all daily not change. Sometimes the past make we afraid to go future, like what the past, fine this happiness or sadness, I am sure this point not about you’re the past, how we happy or sad the past.

I am believe want our change is our desire to life

I am believe hope for life is determined to do change

Go on new day

Now, maybe we regret all we action in the past and never act like this, but what enough for this? We going to change, change for better without separated without our personality

The past always follow where we going but it’s not reason for we to make the past as seek refuge.

How they is success in live is about they make salutation for they phase to past, not about how the rich or about how they happiness but they know, they must going to change for the better life and they believe life must have enthusiasm. 

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