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Banzaii Galau

Wehehe, why I choose banzai? Cause it’s make wake up my soul, :P

Okey, “galau”, this word not foreign in hear, and many many people in Indonesia say it, many thousand blogger was create about “galau”, from support arrive resistant to galau, well galau very famous until celebrity and program on tv make this word for thema or daily language.
          Well, my reason why I create this article, start from my mom, she is sudden galau disposed melancholy, where every day inside my home rainy sometimes typhoon come (its very wow gals), actually not surprised how galau attack every people, start baby until grandmother, start abege labil until worker, and my surprised is galau from my mom, her want level galau very amazing, she is want depressed 3x a day, when I off of lecture and part time, its make me sad when i open the door sudden thunderbolt inside my home.
          Well, this incident start when my mom sick of heart, I don’t know what this real situation, but certain was situation make my mom fall from a happy position. My mom be sensitive, when her go home from neighbor hiks, when her go home from saving club hiks until she is ask for me “what is galau?” and I answer what I know “galau is your not understand what you feeling or what your emotions, not know about answer and what the conclusion about your feel” #cielah how my diplomatic, haha.. and a second wait her talking for me “mama galau” #jederr and you know what, my mom very active repeat its word.
That’s incident stop when my mom make a devotional visit to a sacred place, she is bring new power.
          Mom said for me “everyone needs galau yu, try see mom, was a day my mom very depressed and galau, and don’t confused mom too surprised about it, then me introspection myself until finally now mom not galau again..” #jegerr.. sumfeh I’m very surprise hear my mom said like this and finally any conclusion in my mind..
          Galau is feel about hesitate not a ask where need answer but answer where need act, galau not in our mind but our action.. the unique about galau, its feel always treat different from people, where a people judgement this word is barricade for life or as sadness, even like my mom as a study for life, my definition galau mine every people, all people must feel about galau for grow up from childish.
          Galau not your feel negative especially be lost, enough for your reflection and find this way, find this way where lead you for more grown up to response if you see same trouble especially this find make you strong.


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