Softskill Bahasa Inggris 10

The Future

How can we speak about the future?

Cause God never notice our, mystery of future like love for life, so beautiful. Reason God created the future is our as human have spirit for life, being a colorful day, come imagine how time… a day… and a year be change, come imagine how many remembrance in our mind until we must bring this memory on album , really beautiful phase (or sadness?) however the future is a mystery how about beautiful world.

But it’s come from we perform of our daily, where perform our daily is point to future, how we happily, how we crying for this day, all about what we doing this day.

What the way you choose?

And the future can bring you meddle in way you choose

Your right decision and how you learn the past is a phenomena for how your future

Not about your past make your future

Because the future is a beautiful so everything how exist can be surprised,
How this groovy or not is how you make decision what the way you choose

So, are you ready for this day?

“Brighten up and happy for what day you get, because God always love people be grateful”

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