Softskill Bahasa Inggris (1)

“ See You First Time “ 

that beauty smile of you
How warm your look
How your humble
Make me smile for you
You like diamond in this life
One and ever, the mostly beauty
Pure, beauty and precious
You.. only angel in this mortal life
Stand still against the  hardest of life
This impression would life through time
This eager eye shall never lost you
Your face
Never beauty
But your heart
Have amazing beauty
With the glory of galactic
With the magically galactic
Are no match to you
Really, thing beauty is never ever to forget
The beauty woman
The precious woman
And only you
A little eyes look you
A little lost my hope
See high your beautifully
See high your pure heart
God created you be perfect
Make me drunk and lost my mind and heart
Well beauty, want you look me although a little time?

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