Softskill Bahasa Inggris 4

Take and Give

We all know about this system, the system that consciously flowing in our blood  and become the habit. Instead of something that we diminished, we tend to preserve it. But unfortunately we forgot that this is a common thing. Interesting, isn’t it? Something ingrained, has become a habit sometimes become the lost ones in life.
To give and to receive, when i was doing field research, #yiehh, I found something about this system (hehe,  what amaze my word :P )
Me and my surroundings become the research material.
I accidentally found that we who have received would do something meaningful in the same way to the giver. Don’t you remember the old proverb saying “remember about the kindness of people but remember not your kindness to them”
Of course this is intended for the sincerity and how grateful we are, for what we have and share it together. And of course the kindness of everyone have the different level to the receiver or the giver seen from the condition owned but back to the basic how big our gratitude to receive and our sincerity to give.
And then, how about the stingy?
Personally I thing, they’re all the people who overestimate in imagining something, they always think much, and bigger, doesn’t enough. When they try to give in their imagination is
“woo if I give something for them, they will ask for more again and again, how about my wealth?"
“that person has to be given more…”
And so forth,
But actually let’s start to give from the very little things, for example to give the opportunity to live of the smallest animal, ants. When an ant’s creeping on hand, either we slap it ‘till it die, we might swept it away.  Just try to put your hand close to the wall, till it moves from your hand to the wall, if it can make you smile, how about that ant which you safe its life?
You might be so grateful. Therefore from this little habit will produce a big result. We never know what we give now will take the return someday, right? It’s not expect for the return, but me as a human being also can’t deny that there will be consequences to every causes. And life just like a mirror, if we do good we will receive good either, otherwise if we do evil we’ll get evil in return. And I do belive in life, karma does exist. Not in expected time but in the time of needed. It reminds me how the dragons movie series showtimes begin to decrease because of the insinuation from raditya dika. It really gets me and my mom going. We can’t stand to see the movie series in Indosiar. The evil ones seemed like wanted to pelted with coins. Eventually, we can always guess the end of the movies: ended up happily.

To give and to receive aren’t things that don’t have the rules. For I believe we must give in the proper time so we’ll also receive in the right time according to our needs. For the instance, we give a cheat in daily examination, well it can’t be classified as a gift but it fooled them. Those who given might be very thankful but don’t you feel sorry for them, how could they be in the future. It
become the hardest thing because it oftentimes happen to me in the class. When I didn’t want to give a cheat they would looked at me cynically evenmore they’ll give me a warning. Feeling sorry of them is the biggest factor (“it’s ok to graduate together but use the right way”), and don’t wait until you help someone to receive from them stick to your mind. What’s the return, whatttt…..OMG, what if the person you help actually is the one who stuck with their debt for 7 generations with 8 children and 2 wifes and have to support his mother in law? this life is hard men, so don’t make it hard to your self by giving the false hopes.
So remember guys to give and to receive have the nice sensation to everyone, 
so don’t want you to taste that sensation? 
Life is just temporary…
so dare yourself to do good to everyone.

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