Softskill Bahasa Inggris 2

“ You and Day “ 

When see you to first time
First time ever to forget you
And now I feel alive
You like present in my life
You decorated my life
Sing of water like sound of glory
Glory my heart about freedom to see you
In my back be alive a wing
Bring me on the sky
Come out the sky
Touch star
Although me only come out the sky
Although me only touch star
And not can have you but this feel like a miracle
Beside you
Sweetie of sweetie
Sorry I cannot say
Sorry this not happen
But, i happy for you
Please, beside me forever
Although now I cannot having you
But it’s heart always faithful for you
For the hope for the say word love
Now I only said you in my heart
Wait me for say what I feel
My angel love
Answer my heart for your mine

Answer my faithful with my love

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