Softskill Bahasa Inggris 8

Letter Of Love (2)

For you in there

Seeing you for first time like unlimited of imagination even combine with theory of
intermediate accounting like amazing inspiration, come see “time value of money” where say it is a concept about value of money now more precious than in future, but it’s not true as “time value of love, it’s a concept where value of love now being little than love in future more precious cause any different between time where grow up love in heart.
“Analysis CPV” said any 3 factor can influence profit of company but I said any 3 factor can influence the world, me + love = you
“Margin of safety” teach me to know where limit we action and care between you and me, but finally I must said

“Shut down point”

Where I must stop hope and enough happy in this point, where I know about you as variable and not full costing. But these feel enough for me, and make estimate for habit gone change.
Thanks for you, little time present in my heart...

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